How To Write A Persuasive Essay In 5 Steps

When you are writing a persuasive essay, the key word is persuasive. You have to persuade the reader that your opinion, your point of view is the correct one. But there is a catch here. You have to know both sides of the argument. And the success of your persuasive essay will be in you persuading the reader that the side of the argument you support is correct. You also have to point out that the other side of the argument is incorrect. It’s a fine line between the two.

Now there are five steps to take to create the ideal persuasive essay.

  • Choose an argument and choose the side you want to support.
  • Research the subject.
  • Write a draft of your persuasive essay.
  • Write the essay in full.
  • Proofread and edit your persuasive essay.

The people who write the best persuasive essays are those who choose a topic which includes a clear-cut argument. The more clear-cut the argument is in your persuasive essay the better your chances of writing a winning piece of prose. Look for an argument which has two distinct points of view. Choose one of them and away you go.

Doing proper and adequate research is essential. Remember that you need to know both sides of the argument. You need to know the points which somebody arguing the opposite case to you would use. Knowing your opponent’s points allows you to knock them over further reinforcing your argument.

You need a draft or a plan of your persuasive essay. This will have major headings such as introduction, first paragraph, second paragraph and conclusion. Under each of these headings you will briefly list the point or points you wish to make. The better the detail and layout of your plan or draft, the easier and quicker it will be to actually write your essay.

Now you are ready to write. Only now do you begin to write in full your persuasive essay. You do this while constantly referring to your plan or draft. You do not worry about their use of grammar. You simply get the essay written. When you write in this free style, you find you express yourself better. Don’t stop to think, simply follow the prompts as listed in your plan.

Now you go back and make all necessary essay editing. Now you go back and remove the errors, tighten up your prose and polish your work.

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