The Proper Ways To Sleep

Follow the tips below to get your best night of sleep the proper way! By actively taking some steps to regulate your sleep schedule, you will be sleeping soundly “in the blink of an eye”.

Establish Set Sleeping Schedule

First and foremost, in order to sleep soundly and properly, you need to establish a set bedtime and do your dandiest to stick to it. By regulating your sleep schedule your body will get on a natural cycle. Hormones are released that stimulate sleepiness, melatonin being the major one. These hormones function best when your schedule is set, so you are preparing for bed while your body is preparing to power down for the night. Also, by waking up at the same time daily, it will be much easier to wake up. Your body will naturally emerge from sleep, rather than snoozing the alarm during your REM (the deepest part of your sleep which cycles throughout the night).

Power Down Before Bedtime

Speaking of powering down, not only does your body need to power down, but you need to actively power down from your busy day. At least an hour before bedtime electronics should be retired. A good rule of thumb is if it has a screen, you should not be using it close to bedtime. Responsibilities, chaos, and noisiness should not be a part of your bedtime routine to get the proper kind of sleep your body requires. Try doing something relaxed, like reading a book, listening to calming music, taking a bath, or anything else that is simple and relaxing. Establish an evening ritual with your set bedtime.

Take Naps Responsibly

Sometimes things come up, your favorite movie comes on when you are preparing you for bed, you have a big project due the next day—life does not always stick to your bedtime. When this occurs, you can supplement lack of sleep by taking strategic naps. Naps can be a light stage of sleep that repowers you on a day when you did not get just enough sleep. Make sure to avoid oversleeping because this can make getting to sleep at night difficult, and you do not want to throw off the schedule you have already established to help sleep properly.

Get Active During Daytime

One more great way to help you sleep properly at night is to get active during the day. By getting regular exercise and treating yourself and your body right, you will naturally feel tired in the even. A hard day of work is the best way to fall asleep content at night.

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