What is an introductory paragraph: Argumentative essay writing hints

When you look at a house, there are certain elements that are built in which give you a better view of what’s inside. There are also parts which allow you to walk inside, and additionally, elements that help it stand. Your introductory paragraph fulfils many of these same qualities for your argumentative essay. Let’s explore this deeper:

Your intro is a window

The beginning section of your essay is meant to allow your reader a glimpse into the rest of your argumentative essay. Imagine seeing a house you are considering buying. If you were to see it from the outside, that would be like reading the title of a paper. But if you wanted to get more of a view of what it looks like inside, you would need to look through the window.

In the same way, an introductory paragraph admits your reader to a preview. They should have a better idea of what your essay is about after reading your introduction.

Your intro is a doorway

An introduction is also an entry point into your essay. There has to be a transition from the background information into the rest of the essay. Make sure your introductory paragraph leads the reader into the text effectively. Even though your essay is of an argumentative nature, you should still welcome the reader into your writing by supplying them with the opening information they need to move forward.

Your intro is a foundation

The section that holds your whole essay together is the introduction, because without it, your essay would be floating in midair. Take a look at an essay and imagine reading it from the first paragraph. It just wouldn’t fit, would it? The introduction is a kind of foundation that keeps the reader confident of where he or she stands.

Your intro is a light source

The introductory paragraph must shed light on the subject you are expanding on. You should ensure that the content contains information that gives the reader better insight into the subject as a whole. Also see your introduction as a beam of light that narrows in on a certain segment of your topic. Your reader should have a full understanding from your introduction of exactly where you are taking him or her.

Keep these simple analogies in mind when writing your introductory paragraph in future. Your argumentative essay will start off with a boost if you stay true to these qualities.

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