A Manual For Choosing Winning Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive essay topics are generally liked by students because they do not require the students to prove a point; rather to go with the flow. However, they may digress from the very premise of persuasive essays by either choosing irrelevant topics or offensive ones. Again, they may choose those topics in whose credence they hardly believe in.

Pool of feasible essay topics

It is better to create a pool of persuasive essay topics that are feasible, relevant and offer a wide scope for analysis. This renders the students with the chance to choose whatever topic he wishes to write on. You may use your observation to invent essay topics out of the general traditions or systems you see in place. Remember, every revolution is borne out of a system that has lived an extended life.

Here are 25 persuasive topics, segregated into five vivid disciplines that form a manual for you to choose essays from


  1. 1. Federation of states is a better system than a one-state nation
  2. 2. Rules ought to be bent for genuinely good Presidents to run for the third term
  3. 3. Politics collaborate with churches but do not mix with it on pivotal points
  4. 4. Ministers should be given freedom from being jailed for every criminal act barring murder
  5. 5. Middle East would have been the second global superpower but for the continual war and crisis


  1. 1. Obesity is a bigger physical threat than most diseases
  2. 2. Special recuperation courses for traumatized citizen
  3. 3. Military training should be a must for every able-bodied citizen
  4. 4. Ebola is going to be a more grave concern than AIDS in future
  5. 5. People suffering from sexual inefficiency should be offered free psychiatric consultancy


  1. 1. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease
  2. 2. Girls should be allowed nights out if they desire
  3. 3. Fast food joint has largely become an indispensable part of general lifestyle
  4. 4. Live-in relationships is a by-product of today’s lifestyle
  5. 5. Nuclear family offers greater freedom and growth scope


  1. 1. Homework should be banned
  2. 2. Children should not be graded in or before middle school
  3. 3. Teachers should be taught about the syllabus and social skills in equal manner
  4. 4. Current education system requires root-level changes
  5. 5. There should be monetary prizes in store for star performers in school

Sports and fashion

  1. 1. Crop tops have become a universal trend as they are cool, comfortable and sexy
  2. 2. Weightlifters should present a vivid detail of what their food habits are
  3. 3. Golf requires a complete makeover to reflect present day’s lifestyle
  4. 4. Fashion designers should be requested to create apparels out of recycled products
  5. 5. Sportsmen should not have sex a day before major games

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