A List Of Good Discursive Essay Topics For High School Students

When you receive a certain assignment that you are not particularly familiar with, you immediately start to research how to write in and how to choose a great topic that will get you a good grade. If you need a discursive essays, it looks like your search is finally over.

The unusual assignment: discursive paper type.

Discursive essay is not among the most popular high school assignments and there are much less guidelines and information available on it online than for other typical essay types. Under such circumstances, you will need to look more carefully for the guidelines not to mix the paper types and complete the assignment correctly. Selecting a good topic will not be enough, you need to understand everything on how to format your paper and what to include. So, before we come to the list of possible topics, here are a few details on how to write a discursive paper.

How do you right a discursive assignment?

The most often mistake by writing this type of paper is confusing it with the argumentative essay. When they are very much alike, there are a few differences. You still need to select a debatable topic, find evidence and support your arguments. But rather than supporting just one point of view, you will need to create a balanced picture of the researched subject. You cannot openly support one topic. You need to show "for and against" of each side and find something to support both of them with.

Interesting ideas for your discursive paper.

  • Is it ethical and technically possible to use organs from animals, genetically close to humans?
  • Are professional sports too concentated on money and not enough on development and achievements?
  • Shall immigration laws be more strict in Britain?
  • How violence scenes and movies and videogames influence the predisposal of a child to physcial violence in real life.
  • Will it be the disposal of nuclear weapons by all countries of the world be contributive to world peace and economy?
  • What is more important: be liked and popular or be yourself?
  • Shall the institution of marriage be given far less attention in the modern world?
  • Are people too dependable on others these days and is there anything that can help the situation?
  • Shall the social networks be overviewed and controlled by government? Will it be considered an invasion into privacy?

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