Nationalism In China

There have been many great societies throughout history. The majority of them have reached very high peaks only to be almost completely obliterated. The Greek for instance were once known as the masters of philosophy and now the most distinguishing thing about them is the depths to which the global economic downturn has leveled their economy. This is merely a symptom of the cycle that power tends to go through. Another society that has gone though this cycle is China. One of the main differences is that this country has managed to maintain an almost unbroken line of history. This has resulted in a very clear nationalism which will be looked at in further detail through this essay.

Imperialist Past

Early China was dynastic. That is to say, it was ruled by emperors who were part of a royal family known as a dynasty. While the records of Chinese history are unbroken for thousands of years, this is not to say that there have not been changes in power along the way. There have been upheavals that resulted in changes in the systems and at one point what is currently known as China was much less unified. The work of one of its emperors resulted in the bringing together of separated kingdoms and fiefs into a nation.

Cultural Revolution

After thousands of years of dynasties, Chairman Mao instituted a cultural revolution which saw China becoming a communist nation. This was the second defining era in its history. With the coming of communism it was no longer acceptable for people to assume higher rank than others merely because of their parents. Even the differences between male and female roles began to be de-emphasized. There were many laws enacted at the time which were intended to make the county great. Some, like the infamous one child policy may have been seen as infringing on the rights of individuals but this was done with the clear intention of making the country benefit in the long-run and as a result any future citizens.

The nationalism that came from these actions has actually borne fruit in recent years. This is one of the world’s major powers and the Chinese language is slowly becoming one of the key ones in the business community. The downside to this may be seen in the empty ghost cities that are found across the country but these are suppose to fill in time.

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