Who Can Help with My Essay Writing Process: 4 Sources to Get Free Help

When tackling a new assignment it can helpful to get outside assistance. When beginning your essay writing process there are several study aids you can utilize to get free essay writing help. Some of these sources to find free help include: your instructor, the Internet, a writing lab, or a peer.

  1. Your Instructor
  2. The first source of help you should consult is definitely your instructor. Your instructor will have direct insight into your assignment therefore they will be able to provide the best guidance. Your instructor will also be aware of your strengths and weaknesses as a writer, and he or she may be willing to help you troubleshoot your essay writing process. Most professors have office ours in which you can visit them, and they are glad to hear the questions and concerns of a student dedicated to success.

  3. The Internet
  4. If after consulting your professor you still need additional guidance, the Internet is a limitless source of free sources for essay writing assistance. Video tutorials, online forums and articles can be great tools for the essay writing process. Browse videos to learn more about formatting or stylistic questions you may have. Online forums can answer specific questions, which may present in the essay writing process, and articles are reputable sources of help. With the Internet you can accomplish anything in the essay writing process.

  5. A Writing Lab
  6. Most schools and universities have writing lab services. Your writing lab is a place where graduate students and other faculty are employed specifically to assist with all your writing needs. Visit your writing lab with your research and questions for expert advice on your essay. There may also be free tutoring services that can be taken advantage of too. These services are usually included in your tuition, so free for you to use throughout the school year.

  7. A Peer
  8. One more helpful source of assistance in the essay writing process is your peers. Your peers can provided constructive criticism from the point of the readers. Take advantage of this network of help and organize a writing workshop for your next essay assignment.

With your commitment to learning new information, working hard, and these free sources of help you will be writing successfully in no time. Consult your instructors, the Internet, a writing lab, or even your peers. The sources of help around you are endless if you just do a little digging!

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