The Cold War

The Cold War is a term to describe the passive military and political confrontation between the two big groups of countries: Western and Eastern Block. Western Block consisted of the USA and NATO-alliance countries and the Eastern Block was leaded by the Soviet Union, supported by Warsaw Pact. The name “Cold” was applied, because this state of tension was even hard to call a War. There were no open military actions between the participating countries. Two big countries were just trying to build the world after the world war they saw it and wanted it to be.

The Cold War began almost immediately after the end of World War II, when the Soviet Union won and tried to extend its control over the neighbor countries in order to get more support for the communist ideas. Protesting attempts in eastern European countries were brutally stopped. The USA wanted to end the superiority of the USSR, showing its own possibilities by trying to win the influence of countries of the world. It was a war of influence, and at the same time, a war, in which both countries tried to gather more and more weapons in order to show their superiority over the others.

The Cold War resulted in creation of a lot of international organizations, both military and those that tried to contribute peace in the development of the new after-war world. To such organizations belong, of course, NATO and the Warsaw pact, who were the main participants of the Cold War and other organizations, created by the leading in the war countries to show their influence over the territories, which did not participated in the Cold War, but supported this or that side. Also the Cold War was the reason for arising of different economic organizations, created to support the participating and alliance countries.

The Cold War extended for the long 45 years and brought this world a lot of history lessons that have to be understood to never make such mistakes anymore. First of all, it became clear to the world community and, especially to the countries, leading in the Cold War that military way may not be the best to introduce your ideas, if you want a lot of people to support them. There is always room for talks, peaceful persuading and showing why it will be better for the others to join you, not for forcing them to join you.

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