Composing A Great Illustration Essay On The Worst Job

An essay is an organized way to express your thoughts regarding a situation, object, experience, etc., and to present arguments for your point of view. If you need to write an illustrative essay, all you need to do is create a thesis statement that will express your point of view, and then collect a number of supporting facts that will prove it. There is a simple pattern that you can use to compose a winning illustration essay for any topic.

Let’s imagine that you need to compose such an essay about the worst job ever. Take the following steps to unfold your point of view and provide enough support.

  1. Determine the object you are describing.
  2. You need to have a certain idea of what you are going to talk about. Think about certain keywords that can be used in your thesis statement and introduction. For example, you can say, “The worst job ever is the one that-,” and provide a couple of reasons that make it so dreadful: low salary, hard work, many working hours, constant danger, etc.

  3. Compose an introduction.
  4. Compose two to three sentences that generally describe the worst job to give your readers an idea about the object of the research. Insert the thesis statement that expresses your own point of view regarding the subject. Say a couple of words about people who may have another opinion.

  5. Compose an outline.
  6. An outline is a skeleton that keeps your essay together. As soon as you have found several strong arguments that confirm your point of view (your thesis statement), you need to plan how you are going to write about each of them. As a rule, each argument takes a separate paragraph.

  7. Compose the paragraphs.
  8. Each paragraph should be devoted to one of the main arguments regarding the worst job that you have provided for your thesis statement. Give additional minor arguments that make the main ones stronger. Speak about the way low salaries along with hard work and long working hours affect the quality of a person’s life, mood and even health; explain why the risk that the job provides is not cost-effective compared to the salary the job offers, etc. End each paragraph with a concluding statement that confirms your thesis.

  9. Compose the conclusion.
  10. Paraphrase the thesis statement and show how the arguments you have found prove the initial point of view you have declared.

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