An Effective Writing Manual For Beginners: How To Make Your Essay Look Better

Are you thinking of writing a great essay but you do not have necessary skills? Do you want to impress your readers and peers with an effective essay? Do you know what features can beautify your essay? Do you want to create a great essay without having much trouble? Is it hard for you to choose unique topic for your essay-writing task? Did you ever consider using a planner for your essay? Do you find it difficult to carry out research to collect evidence for your essay? Do you think essay writing would be easier if you did not have to complete a certain section? Are you trying hard to ace in your essay but do not succeed? Does it bother you to think about your mates you have no problem in creating strong essays? Do you think it will be easier to write an essay if you some clear guideline from experts? Do you think that the advice you find on the online sources is not realistic enough?

You might have all these questions in your mind if you successfully created a rough draft for your essay. It is important to understand that the essay will not be complete only when you have a draft. You need to revise and edit your first draft before creating a final copy. In this article, you will find effective tips to improve your essay.

The first thing you need to understand is that the editing and proof reading is two different processes altogether. Even though both of them come under the same post-writing phase but they still have their unique requirements.

Editing is usually before the proof reading. When you have a rough draft for your essay, you need to read it carefully to find gaps in your writing and other major errors that affect the present ability of your essay. This includes cutting out irrelevant sentences and words. You will have to look for repetitive ideas and sentences and remove them from your essay. In addition, you need to see if the overall direction of your essay remains the same throughout. Editing process will also need adding sentences and explanations where necessary.

Proof reading is the final stage in your essay writing process. You need to deal with grammatical and spelling mistakes in this phase. You also need to check the typos and data that you include in your essay.

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