Central Theme

  • The student should endeavor to identify the central theme of the essay. He can do this by gaining an understanding of the professor’s intent when designing the course. The student can gain direction from doing some soul searching and determining his own direction and motivation. The goal is for the student to merge the concept of the professor for the course, with the student’s concept of why he is taking the course, or what his motivation is in writing the Introductory Paragraph.


  • What the student is focusing on in the Introductory Paragraph is direction for the most part. This takes place before the development of the theme. It actually sets the scene for the theme. This is where the thesis statement is developed.
  • The student may examine his own life and look for traumas or issues, which would make him, ask his basic life question. This question can form the core of the thesis statement. The thesis statement can be born out of an initial internal inquiry.
  • We choose to make such an inquiry because we will endeavor to respond to the inquiry throughout the entirety of the essay. Furthermore, such inner inquiry comes before identifying the intent of the professor for the course. This is because the student in all likelihood, selected to further his education, selected the school, the coursework, and his educational track to address just such a question. The essay represents the address of the student to an issue or issues that he has identified as being central to his being or at least intrinsically important.


  • It is only after this process that the student should gather information pertaining to the research he intends to do. The student should gravitate toward the library, and the Internet to search for resources, such as books, periodicals, trade journals, CD’s, CD-ROM’s, DVD’s and other references. He should see his instructor, upper class men, alumni, the Department, all as additional resources for his research in addition to other resources he finds that are available to him.

Putting It All Together

  • The student should be sure to thoroughly review, read, and study his resources to further broaden the scope of his subject.
  • The student will then have the concept of the professor, his own internal question, and will have gathered and synthesized enough material to make a responsible thesis statement, which he can develop in his Introductory Paragraph.

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