A List Of Inspiring Fifth Grade Essay Topics To Explore

If your 5th grader has a hard time choosing an essay topic, you should do your best to explain how to do this quickly and efficiently. Please note that it’s very important that you assist the child instead of simply choosing a topic for him or her. As a parent, your duty is to prepare your children for being independent. This can hardly be achieved if you make the decisions.

An issue of picking a research paper topic in 5th grade might seem like something simple, but this is one of the important aspects of growing up. If you teach your child make his or her own decisions from young age, it will be easier for kids to carry on this habit into their adult lives.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t provide any interesting topic suggestions. Then, you can sit down with your child and analyze the pros and cons of each together. This will definitely help your son or daughter choose a good topic.

Here are some ideas you can use:

  1. The importance of rodents in our lives.
  2. Reasons behind the Civil War.
  3. Study of the solar system.
  4. Analysis of a famous children’s book.
  5. The dangers presented by sharks.
  6. Known facts about dinosaurs.
  7. How good chicken is for your health?
  8. What are pests and why are they dangerous.
  9. Hurricanes in America.
  10. Children and the Internet.

As you can see, all these topics are rather wide. This is exactly the kind of suggestion you should make to your kids as this will provide them with an opportunity to think on what exactly they want to focus their research.

At this point, you can only offer some gentle nudges to steer the child away from bad choices. Be sure to explain why exactly these decisions are bad instead of rejecting them outright. This will help your child to learn how to analyze the situation and make the choices with the bigger picture in mind.

Once you decide on a subject, you should do your best to help the child with research. Make this more fun by incorporating some educational activities into it. For example, if your son or daughter chooses to write a paper abut some animal, a trip to a zoo is in order.

Your main task is to encourage and motivate the child to learn and research. This will be much easier to do when the kids have fun while studying.

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