A List Of The 15 Best Exploratory Essay Topics For University

Exploratory essay topics are embossed with some of the most interesting peculiarities because here the writer himself does not know where the essay will end. Its chief purpose is to create an inquisition in the reader’s mind provoking him to learn more propagating some new unique ideas with different solutions.

Following is the list of 15 best exploratory essays for completing your research in University

  1. 1. What are the long term positive and negative consequences of living in Hi-tech world? Are they going to propagate more of physical hazards than heavenly comforts? What are their devastating effects on pregnant ladies and newly born babies?
  2. 2. How the mindset of a 12 year young child is different from an adult of 18 years old? Discuss it in terms of physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual and social development. Compare their social and emotional development, change in language and sequential development of skills.
  3. 3. How Social media, cell phones, internet usage and other forms of technological innovations are making the world smaller? Discuss its constructive and unconstructive outcomes. What role it plays behind expanding the crime rate?
  4. 4. Discuss the life on other planet? How important it is to know about life nurturing there? If we find life over there, will it have a positive or a negative effect on the people of earth? How?
  5. 5. How right genetic engineering is? Is it ethical to give birth to a genetically engineered child? What will be its positive and negative repercussions?
  6. 6. How digital learning is going to elevate the standard of education in India and in outside world?
  7. 7. Are digital tools making us strong? How? Discuss productivity of work and degradation of individual’s health.
  8. 8. How is the brain of the Computer is different from the brain of an individual?
  9. 9. What will happen if robots are offered the authority to process all the individual tasks? How they can bring devastation on the green planet?
  10. 10. How much correct is the employment of genetically employed food technologies is to treat various health issues?
  11. 11. How parents should teach their child about the sex education? In which age they should discuss it with their kids? How early teaching of sex education can sway their minds in wrong direction?
  12. 12. How much potential we utilize while being surrounded by technological advancements? What is the benchmark these advancement should be stopped? How much worth it is to continue innovations at the expense of our health?
  13. 13. What will happen when we will travel by car in sky?
  14. 14. Should all the official jobs be carried out from home? Discuss.
  15. 15. What will happen if man will bear baby in their womb? How different life would be in that case?

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