Helpful instructions on how to write an essay

Writing an essay depends entirely on format. Some have to be done in MLA format, some have to be done in APA format and others are specific formats given by your teacher. You will write essays in all types of formats over the years and you will have guides for those specific kinds of essays when you write them so that you can get it right. Most essays though, will most likely be in the 5 paragraph essay format for most of your given work. On occasion you will be required to know other formats but let’s go over the 5 paragraph essay format to start with the basics.

What does it include?

  • An introduction paragraph
  • 3 body paragraphs
  • A conclusion paragraph

The introduction

The introduction is the first paragraph in the 5-paragraph essay. It is where you introduce your topic to the reader and go over the basics of what you will be talking about. It is a simple paragraph to give the reader an idea of what the essay contains. This is an important paragraph as you want to introduce the topic without giving too much away. It is a taste of what is to come.

3 body paragraphs

The three paragraphs in the middle of the essay are called the body paragraphs. These are the most important ones as they will contain all of the real information in the essay. They will explain the topic in detail, contain facts, ideas or opinions to back up the topic of your essay. All of the information that you collect for the essay will go here.

The conclusion

The conclusion of the essay is exactly what it sounds like. It is the part of the essay that concludes your thoughts. It also goes over a brief reminder of what you have said and maybe even what you have proved. At5 the end of it though you must actually conclude. It is an end, so make it end your essay well and completely.

The 5-paragraph essay is a staple format for essays throughout school. Knowing this format well and how to best use it will serve you well for your entire scholastic career. While there are a lot of other formats, this is the most common and the easiest to use. It is also a foundation for essay knowledge as well. It can help you to build from it to form other format types.

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