Finding a Reliable Source of Examples of Outlines for Academic Essays

Body of an outline

Writing an academic essay is something that is going to be required of every student throughout their lives in school, and with each one it seems a bit more tedious and time consuming. The thing with writing an academic essay is that you need to create an outline first and then begin working on your research paper. Having an outline for your academic essay is like having a guideline for writing the paper and what is going to be in the paper and where it will be at in the paper.

An outline for an academic essay is made up of three main parts. These three main parts are the:


  • Your thesis statement should be here as well as the topic of your essay and the reason for your paper


  • This is where you mention your arguments, you need to have three points, one point for each paragraph; there are three paragraphs minimum for the body of an essay


  • This is where you summarize everything you mentioned throughout your academic essay and restate where you stand on the topic you are discussing


Being able to properly write an outline for an academic essay is not that hard, each outline is pretty much the same set up, you just need to make adjustments according to the requirements laid out by your instructor as well as the length the essay needs to be and the topic the essay needs to or is going to be about. Each outline consists of those three main parts, the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. In some cases additional pages are added like the references, the works cited an abstract, etc. To make sure you create a great outline for your academic essay the first time around you can use one of the tons of reliable sources in which provide credible examples of outlines for academic essays online.

For example, you can go to websites such as teachervision or explorable. You can even go to websites for different colleges and look at examples they have posted online. To see an outline from another college you could go to or There are plenty of other places in which you can find a credible source of an outline example for an academic essay; you just need to make sure it meets the guidelines for your assignment.

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