Check essay samples online for plagiarism

There are many students who enjoy using online essay samples to write their essays with. You can use an essay sample to guide your structure and ideas for the essay. When you choose to use an example from the internet, you’re possibly risking being involved with plagiarism. Of course, if you don’t copy anything from the sample and use all your own words then you don’t have to worry about this. Students who want to find free, pre-written essays to hand in as their own do need to make sure they aren’t plagiarised.

Finding Plagiarism Checkers Online

It’s easy enough to search the internet for “free plagiarism checker” and you’ll find tools that even teachers use on their students’ assignments. This is perfect, because your teacher will likely be using something similar with all his students’ homework after its handed in. if you make sure it passes before you hand it in then you’re home free. Using these plagiarism checkers depends on the website. You’ll have to figure out which one you want to use by looking at their options:

  • Can you simply paste in the essay and it is checked, or do you have to make an account and sign in to check for plagiarism? If you don’t want to bother making an account and confirming your email just for this, then find a site that doesn’t use it.
  • Does the plagiarism checking website have customer service in case you have a question you need answered?
  • What about people who’ve used this service before – does the website show good reviews or testimonials from others who used it?
  • Think about what you’re looking for: the exact same words in each sentence. If there’s only two or three words in a row that match something else, it’s okay because there are so many essays in the entire world that it’s impossible not to overlap a little bit. You just want to avoid using an essay that matches several sentences to another essay.
  • Are you wondering what to do if the plagiarism checker tells you that you have a stolen essay? The easy answer is to rewrite it in your own words. That might be missing the point of why you wanted a free sample in the first place, though. If you’re in this situation and you still want someone else to write it for you, consider hiring a writing service to give you a custom essay for a small fee.

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