How To Write A Persuasive Essay On Texting While Driving: Free Tips & Ideas

The goal of any persuasive essay is to convince the reader to agree with your opinion, and share your values. To be effective, you should provide enough evidence to support your argument; which is why deep research and thorough preparation are necessary for these types of academic papers. If you are going to write a persuasive essay on ‘texting while driving’, then use the following tips and ideas to succeed:

  1. 1. Specify your position.
  2. You should argue that the habit of texting while driving is extremely dangerous because it distracts the driver from the road, and may result in injuries and the deaths of innocent people.

  3. 2. Gather evidence to support your opinion.
  4. These should be the facts, statistical data, or real life stories.

    For example, you may make use of the following ideas:

    • The risk of a car accident increases by three times if you text while driving.
    • On average, you only need five seconds to read a message and type the reply without paying attention to the road, but this time is equal to the time needed to cross a whole football field.
    • The number of people injured or killed in traffic accidents, because of distracted driving, increases with every passing year.
  5. 3. Look for the opposing views.
  6. The opposing evidence won’t be that solid, but it is needed to make your persuasive essay complete.

    • 50% of young adult drivers are more than confident that texting does not distract them from the road, and that they can easily multi-task while driving.
    • Most drivers who got into the fatal car accidents, due to texting, were under the age of 20. Therefore, if you are older you’ve got more driving experience.
  7. 4. Write a strong introduction.
  8. Start your introduction with a catch. Ask a question, use a striking fact, or quote. Make your reader follow the story. Combine the most convincing arguments in your thesis statement.

  9. 5. Create the body of your essay.
  10. Write at least three paragraphs. Each of the body paragraphs should raise one of the key arguments in support of your position. Add enough evidence (facts, statistics, and numbers) to make your essay persuasive.

  11. 6. Think of counter-arguments to disprove your opponents’ opinions.
  12. It is not necessary, but your essay will be stronger if you succeed.

  13. 7. Sum up in your conclusion.
  14. Remind your reader why texting while driving is a deadly habit that we should get rid of. Restate your key points using different words. Finish your persuasive essay with a probing question or thought, to leave a deep impression on your reader.

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