Is It Possible To Find A Well-Written Free Essay Online?

The answer is yes. It is actually quite easy to find a well-written essay for free online. While no one would recommend turning in a free paper that you found online, you could certainly use one as a template to help you write your own. Here are some places you can go to find free sample writing projects:

  • Blogs: Today’s blogger writes about everything. This is good news for anyone who is looking for information for learning purposes. As bloggers share their views of the world, they share their experiences, too; which means they will share examples of what they have done. You should be able to find examples on more than one blog. Since bloggers often are professional writers, the sample essays they provide should be well-written.
  • College writing sites: Because so many students come to college with weak writing skills, colleges have created tutorial website for them. These sites include samples that are written by college students who are majoring in writing, so you can trust the samples are the best available. The samples are free and can usually be quickly copied and pasted into document files that can be used as templates. The writing sites include commentary on the essays so that students can learn from them.
  • Writers-for-hire site: Instead of hiring a writer to complete a project for you, the best writing sites offer free samples. The free samples are offered so that students can see exactly what type of writing their professionals are capable of creating when they are hired. Again, it is important to avoid copying anything from the writing sites because they can also easily be found by instructors and their plagiarism-checking apps.
  • Citation websites: When you are assigned an essay, you usually need to cite the sources that you use. The websites that provide information about citations also include samples so students can see exactly how to use sources in a project. The papers included in a citation website are often written by top students at top universities, so you can trust they are excellent choices to use.
  • Online magazines: On of the popular places to publish essays is the online magazine. They exist in several forms and top writers will submit their papers for publication. You can find papers written by the best authors in the world, which makes them the best ones to use as examples.

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