How To Come Up With A Funny Topic For Your Persuasive Essay

Persuasive, or argumentative essays simply require you to choose a topic, come down on one side and make a compelling case. It really is that simple. Or it would be if you knew what topic to choose! No doubt all of your friends are getting all deep and meaningful arguing the merits of abortion, or the reasons why euthanasia should never be legalised. That is fine, assuming that you are happy to be a sheep. There is nothing wrong with following an established, well sign-posted route; with playing it safe. Those students will no doubt go on to do well in their chosen fields.

They get a little tiresome though after a while. Remember your lecturer has to read and mark these. After the fifth successive essay on the merits of providing drug addicts with drugs to help wean them off, he/she has more than likely lost the will to live. Your lecturer is after all human. Just like you and me they long for something to brighten their day. Something to come along that will not only make them think, but will make them chuckle. They are simply begging to be inspired. So, go on. Inspire them! You will be pleasantly surprised at what a big difference this will make to your grade.

Just one word of caution before I share my list of super cool persuasive essay topics with you. Once you have chosen your subject, and decided which side of the fence you are going to come down on, you MUST be BRUTAL about sticking to that line. You don’t want to be remembered as the kid who chose the coolest topic in the class but blew it with a flaky argument. Be as funny as you can be, but remember that your argument needs to be a killer one!

Okay, so here is my list. Feel free to pick and choose at will:

  • Should internet slang like LOL and OMG be included in dictionaries?
  • Is negative PR the secret behind Katie Price’s success?
  • Are there any circumstances when war could be considered an act of peace?
  • Is the politically correct brigade responsible for killing off random acts of kindness?
  • Why I really need my gingerbread latte.
  • Why politicians should be given ASBO’s.
  • Why email spam is good for your health.
  • Why Nigel Farage should come with a public health warning.

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