Writing a Concluding Sentence for Your Essay


The conclusion of your essay is your last chance to get the reader to see your point of view and to leave them thinking about what you just told them.  This is not there to repeat your introduction but to write it in a different way, so as to have the reader consider your thoughts as true.

Make This Bring Closure to Your Essay

  • Make sure you link the first and last paragraph together but don’t make them sound the same.
  • Your last sentence should be composed of mostly one-syllable words this will create drama.
  • The last sentence should bring balance to the discussion. 
  • Don’t Totally Conclude The Subject.
  • Using a quote or reference from a book for your last sentence can leave open your essay for further exploration later. 
  • The last sentence can also be used to link your topic to something else to create a larger view of the material.
  • You last sentence could use one of the important terms in your argument to create something that you can elaborate on later.
  • Lastly, the last sentence can make a new point but also tie the entire essay together, which will give you something else to work with if you have to continue the argument.
  • Don’t On The Last Sentence.
  • Don’t summarize the paper in the last paragraph.  A short summary is okay with a very long paper but a short one doesn’t require you do so because it is just repeating everything they just read.  This will not leave your reading thinking but will bore them.
  • Don’t use phrases like, in conclusion, in summary, or anything that basically say that it is the conclusion.  This is lazy and tells the reader that you don’t know where to start on your conclusion. 
  • Don’t apologize.  You have poured yourself into the subject that you are writing about and but the end of it you may have doubts about what you have written.  This also goes if you haven’t engaged in the subject as well.  This means that you should use the word approach in the last sentence.  Like, this is one approach; this is one of many approaches, etc.

  The last sentence of your essay has to be a powerful one.  Using these suggestions will ensure that your will be good.  You always want to keep in mind when you are writing the last paragraph, including the last sentence, that you want to leave the reader satisfied but wanting more.

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