Creating An Outstanding Argumentative Essay: 5 Suggestions From A Professional

Argumentative essays hold much water, especially in context of educating students. While other essays test only their quality of elaboration and emphasis, this type probes through his conviction of contention. Students love these types also because there is that challenge they appreciate.

Be updated and directive

You need to be up with the revelations occurring in relation to the topic of late. You also need to discern the impact of the topic on general lives and the necessity to take a decision in right earnest.

Here are professional suggestions to firm up the argumentative essays

  • Understand the topic first – Understand the specific directions of the topic. If the topic is about ‘Should US have bombed Nagasaki?’, it clearly expostulates that you have to write only about the US involvement in the 2nd World War, not the entire war itself.
  • Be convinced about your take – An argumentative essay means you will have to take one side of the argument. Be sure about the side you will take and definite about the points you will place in favor of that side.
  • Lay both sides in framework – Before you take sides, you should present the framework of both sides, including their merits, demerits and status. It is unfair to pester all the brownies on one side while entirely neglecting the other.
  • Introduce statistics – While the essay is mostly opinionated, it is essential to present facts and figures in favor of your side. This accredits your take and also lends the piece of work a decisive edge.
  • Conclude with vigor – Present readers with an emphatic conclusion clearly underlining the positives and a solution-oriented way your conclusion will direct to. The conclusion should be lucid and precise.

Here are examples of 12 strong argumentative essay topics

  1. 1. Women are harder to please than men
  2. 2. Free sex should be available to one and all considering it is our most primitive instinct
  3. 3. It is necessary for developing countries to go wholly off-the-grid from this instant
  4. 4. Google searches should be banned considering the amount of energy they cost
  5. 5. Higher education institutes should place students according to their inclinations, not their choices
  6. 6. Corporal punishment is the right way to treat sworn killers
  7. 7. Law cannot be equal for one and all
  8. 8. Countries should officially switch to e-cigarettes, banning the paper version
  9. 9. The ethicality of security cameras in public places
  10. 10. Long distance relationships have greater chance of durability than live-ins

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