Essay writing advice: creating a simple conclusion

An essay is not just a note about what you think about a topic. It is a structured discourse on the topic given or chosen by you. The conclusion is often the most difficult part to write. It is also the part, which the reader remembers best. If you are looking for help with writing a conclusion, chances are that you have already written a great introduction. Use your introduction as a guide to the conclusion. The introduction starts with your statement of the topic, followed by the main points of your essay. It explains exactly how you are going to go about arguing your position. End the introduction by stating what your idea or position is about the topic.

Your conclusion begins with linking back to your introduction. If you started with an anecdote as an attention grabber, you should complete it in the conclusion. If you had written a visual description, continue it here. If you had started with a quotation, explain how it is relevant to your exposition.

The purpose of the conclusion is to summarize the essay, tie all the points together, and bring home the message briefly. No easy feat. However, you can write an effective one if you follow the instructions given here.

  • So what: Tell your reader why what you have written in the essay is important. You have to show the reader the usefulness and meaningfulness of your essay.
  • Synthesis: Do not write a summary of the essay in the conclusion. Synthesize the information to paint a complete picture.
  • Redirect or call for action: Give the reader something to think about. This will provide them with something to do other than read and understand your essay.
  • Meaning: Use the information, arguments, and evidence you have given in the essay to create new meanings for the reader. By showing how all you have written brings you to your conclusion, you make your essay memorable.

Posing a question at the end of your essay can be valuable for your readers. It can allow them to form new perspectives, and draw new meanings for themselves. You do not need to force your ideas down the reader’s throat. A well-written conclusion that points in the direction of fresh thinking is all that is required. Above all, make your conclusion interesting and thought provoking so that the reader feels a sense of completion as they exit your essay.

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