How To Create A Brilliant Cause And Effect Essay On Stress

Many tests have been performed on stress, what causes it, and how to prevent it. The subject could be studied at school in health, sociology, psychology, or even one of the many science classes. Students will tell you that it is large part of their world. Unfortunately, adults can tell you the exact same thing about stress. If you have to create a brilliant cause and effective essay on stress, we have some handy and easy to use tips and ideas you can employ.

Tips and Ideas on How to Create a Brilliant Cause and Effective Essay

  • Pick a topic that matters to you -some ideas might be the SAT tests, a family member’s unemployment, a relationship problem, a divorce, maoving to another school, the college admissions process, leaving home, or a friend concern. You will find that the paper will be much better if you care about the subject you are writing about for this composition.

  • Look for some scientific research -use a credible database and search for information on stress and what causes it, how to prevent it, what the symptoms are, and then what the effects are on the body and mind. You should be able to locate surveys, studies, case studies, quotes, doctor notes and findings, and lab results.

  • Keep the paper balanced -you need to keep the cause and effects in the essay at about the same number. One off in numbers would be acceptable, but more than that is too many. For example, you cannot have one cause and six effects. Keep the number balanced in this composition.

  • A parallel thesis statement -the thesis statement for this essay needs to be parallel. You need to mention both sides. You also need to be general in your word choices. The specifics will come much later. A brilliant example might be --- Students have many difficulties and pressure due to schoolwork, family life, and community obligations. Use this idea when you try to create a brilliant cause and effect essay on stress.

  • Paragraphs balanced -you also has to balance the paragraphs. The support and number of paragraphs needs to be an even split between the two components of this piece. A four-paragraph essay is nice; you can have one paragraph for each side, an introduction, and a conclusion. This technique will help the piece to be wonderful and balanced.

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