Writing An Extended Essay: History Topics You Can Explore

As always, just like in several other forms of writing, the toughest part is getting started with your extended essay. This may seem a great challenge. However, starting the work early on is a great advantage as this may provide you with lots of perks as you go through the entire writing process. Indeed, please be guided that this kind of paper refers to a research-based paper that must be written in a formal approach. The subject matter is chosen by the student; however, this must link in some way to one of the International Baccalaureate curricular areas.

Please be advised that a good research query must be able to satisfy the following factors or considerations:

  • Is it the proper scope?
  • Needless to say, the query has to be one that is certainly answerable with a four thousand word count limit. So, this only means to imply that as a writer, you are to ask one comparably simple query. Perhaps, you might be thinking that a four thousand word count is so lengthy, but, the truth is you will eventually find this a short one especially after a long period of vast research and writing. This is the reason why it is highly advised to only make your query as concise or short as possible.

  • Can you see clearly which course concepts you are going to utilize?
  • Consider if you’re able to point out the many and different course concepts which you could utilize to examine and determine your query. Take into account that it is impossible for you to discuss the query utilizing ideas or concepts from the course that it is not suitable or relevant. Your main objective should be to fully demonstrate how much you understand the concepts taught in class.

  • Would you obtain the data?
  • It is fundamental to consider if you would absolutely have access to the secondary data you will need so you can correctly respond to your question and would you be able to execute the main research that is necessary? More than that, take note that this is a tricky one mainly because it is something that you will not often be able to respond to at once. Be that as it may, you really have to answer it very soon.

  • Will this subject matter help you?
  • It is of course very crucial to consider if the research you perform shall assist you get into your chosen university program.

On the other hand, here are some of the history topics you can consider for an extended essay:

  • What were the remarkable consequences of the First Gulf War?
  • The Lack of Success of the German V-Weapon Program of the Year 1943 to 1945.
  • How and why were Medieval Cathedrals constructed?
  • The Suez Crisis and the Middle East from Eisenhower
  • What are the Considerable Effects of the Industrial Revolution?

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