Macroeconomics Essay Topics: A List Of Excellent Ideas

Macroeconomics is a fascinating subject to write an essay on. The processes in a national or global economy affect everyone’s daily life in a range of ways, both apparent and unobtrusive. Here are few ideas to explore the most interesting effects. The taxing of large corporations.

Explore the taxes that major corporations have to pay in your country. Do they pay more or less than middle-sized companies? What can be the effects of increasing a tax burden on the largest companies for the national economy? Will it bring more money into the budget or diminish its income as corporations would simply move to other countries or start using offshores?

The housing slump.

The housing bubble that burst in 2008 led to a downfall in real estate prices. Prior to the crisis, most homes were overrated, but what about now? Do you think that current prices are adequate or that they are too low? Should we expect another housing bubble in the nearest future? Support your opinion with evidence from reliable sources.

Can we move on without credit cards?

Most people still rely on credit credits to pay their purchases, but some refuse to use them, paying only in cash or debit cards. This way they avoid getting into a debt larger that they might be able to pay in the future. What can be the macroeconomic effects of more and more people refusing to use credit cards? Consider the impact on the banking system, the retail, and the general public.

The cost of health insurance on public.

On an individual’s level, health insurance is an undoubtable benefit, but what about its costs to the public? Do you think there is a danger that you country’s economy will no longer be able to maintain the current levels of health insurance coverage in the nearest future? How can this situation be prevented?


The bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are a new phenomenon in the global economy that can, according to some experts, completely change its face. However, others argue that bitcoins have never been a good asset to invest in and that they are already becoming a thing of past. Do your own research to find out which view is closer to the truth.


Can crowdsourcing become a popular alternative to banking loans for companies that need extra funds?


More and more people, both in the developed and developing countries, are choosing freelancing instead of regular jobs. What impact can it have on the national and global economy?

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