What You Should Know About Writing A Persuasive Essay

Any essay that convinces a reader regarding certain notion or belief or pays focus on a particular aspect is termed as Persuasive essay. A persuasive essay could have content regarding death penalty or making a petition to your boss for hiking salary or anything else.

While you commence, keep certain points clear in your mind so that your writing sounds to be influential.

  • Be clear and precise while writing your claims.
  • Inform the reader if the content supports facts or values and then write your claims.
  • If possible, support your claims with evidences.
  • If not possible to support your claim, inform about the connection between the claim and the evidence.
  • You can also make a discussion regarding an opposing argument by either providing a confutation or concession whichever you feel is right.

Apart from that, a persuasive essay should also focus on following aspects

  1. Organize your ideas based on time. Divide your time based on writing the introduction, body, conclusion and pay time for proofreading too.
  2. Brainstorm your ideas. Pay heed on depth and complexity of the subject. Come up with a solid view and then choose your writing style.
  3. Write an influential title and striking introduction so that you can glue your customer.
  4. Highlight important aspects with bright colours.
  5. Structure the whole content into different paragraphs.
  6. The last sentence of each paragraph should make a link with the transition paragraph.
  7. Rebuttal makes the Persuasive essay content interesting. Writing rebuttals is not mandatory but if you write them, it makes your essay stronger.
  8. For example if your topic is a “Muslim man keeping multiple wives”, then support your reason why earlier it was considered correct and why it does not fit well in today’s scenario. In earlier times, the ratio of men against women was low because men lost their lives in war and to support those widow or poor women, one men had many wives; but now the lifestyle is very expensive and marrying 2-3 women and nurturing their children does not support this statement.

  9. Ensure that you write a significant conclusion at the end.
  10. Proofreading is a must so that you can check for the errors that you might have committed at the course of writing.

Also ensure that your persuasive essay is not too long as it can be nerve wrecking and monotonous. Employ a professional tone with varied references.

Never plagiarize, as it will enlist you in the category of cheaters. Vocabulary plays a vital role in making your content vivacious. Use powerful synonyms for the same word such as “enormous” instead of “big”, “compassionate” instead of “kind” or “loquacious” in place of “chatty”.

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