A tutorial that explains how to write an essay in no time

Writing an essay is like baking a cake. Every essay requires the same ingredients, much like a cake, but with a little extra decoration, you can make the essay stand out from the rest. Just like every cake needs flour, sugar, and a binding ingredient, every essay needs an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Once you learn the basics for writing an essay, you will be able to write them quickly and successfully.

Choose a Topic & Write a Thesis

The first thing you need to decide is what the topic of your essay will be. Without a topic, your essay will be difficult to complete. Then, you need to narrow the topic to a manageable focus, which will be your thesis statement. This is the statement that you are going to prove in your essay. Once you have the thesis, you can write the rest of the essay rather quickly (unless you need to conduct research).

First Paragraph

The first paragraph of the essay is the introduction. You will need to begin with a hook that will interest the reader. There are several techniques and to become a quick essay writer, you should find a few that work for you, like a series of short questions, a surprising statement, or a short anecdote. If you can start your essay strongly, your reader will be less likely to worry about small mistakes that exist in the rest of your essay. After the hook, you need a few sentences that will explain the hook and connect to the thesis, which is the last sentence of the paragraph.

Middle of the Essay

The middle of the essay is where the information rests. You should have a few paragraphs that are all structured in the same way. Each one begins with a topic sentence that connects back to the thesis. Then, you need to include several sentences that support the topic sentence. The first one should be an example that supports the thesis and the one after it should explain the example. Repeat this series a few times in each paragraph.

Concluding Paragraph

The last part of the essay is the conclusion, which also has a formula. The first sentence restates the thesis in different words. The middle of the paragraph restates the best points from your essay and the last sentence reconnects with the hook. Just like a cake, an essay requires the same ingredients on the inside. Your words are the frosting and the flavors that you use to make the essay uniquely yours.

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