Is The Privacy The Most Important Right

Privacy is one of the most important human rights that allow one to have enough space to be left alone, keep his information, data, secrets, and even thoughts hidden from others. The right to have a private life is valued in many religions, cultures, and societies. A community or a religion that does not allow privacy will not be tolerable and no one will adopt it.

Regardless of the personality types, whether extrovert or introvert everyone should have the right to keep his data private. If someone wants to share his secrets with another person, it should be their own and sole decision and no one should influence it. Without the freedom to have your thoughts, valuables, words and actions private, the world will be an impossible place to live in. People will not find their comfort zone will look for other ways to satisfy themselves internally. Even in the corporate world, privacy and protection laws are very strictly followed and the customer information is kept secure. Companies have the responsibility for consumers data and they do not share it with any third party unless, of course necessary for the law or state. It is usually thought that children do not have any private things and they are supposed to share every bit of their life with their parents, which is entirely wrong. If there is a constant watch on someone, he is more likely to get away from it and retaliate if he does not succeed. This can cause behavioral problems and lack of confidence in children. Every human, no matter what age should be allowed to have his personal life where he can live, think and express freely without the fear of being caught and without any guilt. The concern whether privacy is the most important right or not is a bit complicated to address. Privacy is undeniably a very important human right but we cannot quantify or compare it with other rights like survival, decision-making, and the right to education, the right to speak or any other human rights. The world today faces crucial conditions in less developed economies and countries where war is taking place. The inhabitants of these countries might not wish for privacy at all but for food, water, shelter and other necessities of life.

Privacy is a very important human right that every individual should be allowed, but it cannot be put before basic human rights.

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