A Number Of Contrast Essay Topics Amaze The Reader

What are contrast essays?

Contrast essays are the ones that discuss advantages and disadvantages of a topic or the one that tells the reader pros and cons and you get the two sides of the same story, the essays that offer comparison between two or different things are also included in this category.

Contrast essays are mostly written on social issues, scientific inventions or mostly on the comparison of two different things.

Where can you find amazing topics for contrast essays?

If we look around with concentration, we can get examples of contrast essays in our daily routine. You can write any controversial topic like a political, economical, social, or religious issue. Still if you are looking for more topics then you can search here,

On the internet

With the access to web, finding the amazing topics for contrast essays is now not difficult. One can easily find what he requires, just connect yourself to the web, and start your search. Do not browse the unrelated sites because it will do no good to you, but will waste your time indeed. You will find unlimited results on the internet and you can copy them and can even re-write them. This will improve your writing skills.

Search the library

Library is a door that opens in the valley of knowledge, and gives you a lot of information. It is healthy to spend time in libraries. You will certainly find a variety of books on contrast essays. You will get liberty to choose among all. Contrast essays are very common and you can easily get diversity in them

Ask a friend/senior

Friends and seniors are a good option. You can always count on them. If you find trouble in writing the essay, you could take help from them. The best idea is to get the topics and information through web and libraries, discuss it with your friends, and seek for their guidance. Siblings and parents could also be helpful to you in this context. Following are some topics, on which you can conduct a search an can write essays on,


  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of technology and computers?
  • Have scientific inventions always helped the humankind?
  • What are the main factors that distinguish between urban and rural life?
  • Watching cricket, playing baseball
  • Comparison of two different athletes
  • Two or more Pets in a house
  • Contrast essay on food restaurants

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