How To Make Your Opinion Essay Stand Out

Think about your professor the next time you write an opinion essay. He or she has to read through countless papers, most of which will be on either side of the boring/unconvincing scale. The trick is to write content that is well balanced; i.e. controversial, but convincing too.

Be controversial

If your aim is to stand out from your peers, then being controversial may be the way to go. Most students will be too afraid to put forth an opinion that is controversial for fear that their professor does not hold the same view. But this is actually irrelevant. The essay that holds the most bearing will be the one that defies conventional thinking and delivers a jolt when read.

Write about school issues

A good way to make a stand-out argument is to write about something that is currently happening in your school, college or university. Is there some scandal going around that everyone is whispering about? What is your opinion on the matter and can you substantiate your claim? Writing about real issues will surely win you much approval and show your teacher or professor that you are able to report on current events from an opinionated viewpoint.

Think ‘opinion’

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you had to really get down and convince the person that they should give it you? Have you had to motivate your reasons to your parents to get you a car, a tablet or even to let you stay out later? This is what writing an opinion essay is all about. Give your motivations like someone who really, really wants something.

Write about issues you feel strongly about

A good way to give your essay some ‘oomph’ is to write about something that pulls at your own emotions. Subjects like abortion, animal cruelty or religious beliefs can really get people riled up. If you are permitted to choose your own topic, make it a strongly opinionated essay with supporting evidence. If your topic has been given to you, you should still be able to write about it from an opinionated angle.

Don’t give a one-sided argument

It’s important to confront your topic from both sides. Try to incorporate a sense of ‘what the opposition would say about this.’ Deliver answers to hypothetical arguments. This will give you the advantage of convincing those who wouldn’t agree with you.

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